Members Playing Handicaps

Change2019 Member
Addison Andrew18.0619.061.0001 Winter Warm Up
Agate David26.8026.800.0002 Spring Cup
Ahmed Marcus36.0036.000.0005 Captain's Day
Ballard Bill24.6226.622.0001 Winter Warm Up
Bond Tony25.0226.221.2003 May Day Madness
Brooke-Harte Nigel10.0010.000.0002 Spring Cup
Brown Dave28.0029.601.6001 Winter Warm Up
Bullen Rick31.8031.800.0001 Winter Warm Up
de Beer Jane18.7018.700.0001 Winter Warm Up
Ellis Neil14.0014.000.0006 Summer Shield
Findon Steve14.3012.30-2.0001 Winter Warm Up
Froud Vic17.0017.000.0002 Spring Cup
Gibbons Steve20.9022.902.0010 Winter Cup
Harling Paul22.3622.360.0001 Winter Warm Up
Harris Geoff20.6620.660.0001 Winter Warm Up
Harris Nick26.4028.001.6001 Winter Warm Up
Higgins Marcus25.0022.00-3.0009 Autumn Plate
Hills Darryl22.5022.500.0002 Spring Cup
Hodgson Stephen35.1035.100.0001 Winter Warm Up
Jones David36.0036.000.0002 Spring Cup
Kay Peter29.7031.201.5001 Winter Warm Up
Kipling Mike36.0036.000.0001 Winter Warm Up
Lawson Bert18.0018.000.0002 Spring Cup
Long Peter28.5828.580.0001 Winter Warm Up
Matthews Sean26.5026.500.0001 Winter Warm Up
Matthews Tom12.6012.600.0001 Winter Warm Up
McClean Tony23.2023.200.0001 Winter Warm Up
Miller Chris9.309.300.0001 Winter Warm Up
Monaghan Bill18.8618.860.0001 Winter Warm Up
Owen Keith21.0021.000.0004 Anniversary Cup
Paton Stuart15.1015.100.0001 Winter Warm Up
Redfurn John28.0028.000.0007 Tavistock Cup
Roffey John22.2822.280.0001 Winter Warm Up
Savage Trevor24.2024.200.0001 Winter Warm Up
Scott Tony18.0019.801.8006 Summer Shield
Sherar Paul33.0033.000.0001 Winter Warm Up
Smith Chris13.0014.801.8009 Autumn Plate
Stacey Darrell36.0036.000.0001 Winter Warm Up
Swain Simon21.6822.080.4001 Winter Warm Up
Treloar Chris21.9022.901.0001 Winter Warm Up
Turner Pete13.0013.000.0007 Tavistock Cup
Underhill Phil23.9024.901.0004 Anniversary Cup
Waddington Richard29.2029.200.0001 Winter Warm Up
Warner Trevor9.009.000.0004 Anniversary Cup
Wells Derek27.0028.001.0001 Winter Warm Up
Wickens Helen36.0036.000.0001 Winter Warm Up
Woodruff Mark22.8025.202.4001 Winter Warm Up
Wyatt Ben32.0032.000.0002 Spring Cup

Handicap Management

We use the CONGU rules for maintaining handicaps, with the following variations

Event Win -3 points
Second Place -2 points
Third Place -1 points
Max handicap for previous winner 28 points

Guests should provide a reasonable estimate of their handicap prior to the starting tee time.